‘ikds daycare center is a home away from home for your child. We underst and the requirement for a safe heaven for your child while you are busy at work. Our daycare center is designed to provide a structured, routine oriented, disciplined and most of all, a safe environment for your child. Our trained staff will pay individual attention to each and every child’s needs when required. At any given time, there will be multiple eyes on your child to assure their safety. The entire premises are monitored with CCTV cameras for added protection.

Our daycare program begins soon after the dismissal of the Montessori program. All kids are individually fed or supervised when eating their lunch. Soon after, they are washed or bathed by a daycare assistant according to the instructions of the parents.The children are then taken into the nap room for a good nap. After the nap, they are served a hot drink of their choice along with an evening snack. Thereafter, the children will be engaged in group activities such as art and craft, singing and dancing or indoor playing until the parents arrive at the door for pick-up.