IKIDS AMI montessori Program focuses on meeting the physical, cognitive, and social needs intrinsic to children at this age range and preparing children for success in elementary school. In this program, children are introduced to the five Montessori learning areas with hands-on tactile learning experiences with a focus on teamwork while ensuring the development of higher order thinking, independence, and responsibility. We take a personalized approach so that each student advances at their own pace. Some baseline learning activities of the program include:

Practical life

Complex multi-step activities involving caring for self, caring for the environment, and practicing grace and courtesy


Recognizing patterns, developing awareness of tactile differences (such as texture, temperature, and weight), and isolating senses to experience independently


(Geography, history, and natural and physical sciences): exploration into history, general geography, botany (including caring for plants and identifying their parts), climate/weather, and environments

Child development using the authentic Montessori method. Children are provided with high-quality coursework materials and nutrition without harmful substance


Developing phonological awareness, working with words with blends and multiple syllables, and learning to write letters


Introduction to the basic operations and pattern recognition using golden beads and bead chains, red rods and number rods, and other visual and physical representations